Gather AI acquires Ware to Become the Largest Autonomous Inventory Management Platform in the World

I’m excited to announce today that we are acquiring the business of Ware, another large player in the autonomous inventory management space. With this acquisition, we are the market leader in the space with 25 customers across multiple industries including 3PLs, manufacturing, retail, and food and beverage. This makes us best able to serve customer needs in the rapidly growing autonomous inventory management space.

The Gather AI solution offers real-time inventory visibility to our customers through our AI software which turns commodity drones into autonomous data-gathering machines. Acquiring Ware’s business accelerates our growth further, bringing our proven solution to more warehouses, and enabling our customers to leverage data insights from across our growing network.

With our solution, drones fly autonomously through a warehouse and photograph pallet locations. Our AI reads bar codes, text, and other information in the images and compares it with what’s in the warehouse management system (WMS) data. The warehouse manager can view inventory data in real time from a web dashboard and easily view their warehouse.

Our customers have seen tremendous results including:

Ware customers are excited to transition to our solution. Jeff Keene, COO of DPI Specialty Foods, a former Ware customer said, “After assessing the proven technology and witnessing the tangible benefits experienced by Gather AI customers, we enthusiastically agreed to implement their solution in three of our warehouses. We are excited to initiate the deployment and leverage the advantages it offers."

Last year, we saw an 8x revenue growth in the last year and I expect to see this growth accelerate further. The global warehouse market is expected to grow at 7.7% CAGR and reach USD 1.26 trillion by 2030. Our customers tell us that they are seeing a rapid overhaul of the supply chain with 71% percent of warehouses reporting that this is driving a change in the way they manage their inventory. To keep up with this restructuring, operators are accelerating their digital transformation.

The next step for current Ware customers is that they will be integrated into the Gather AI platform in the coming weeks with the support of the combined Ware and Gather AI teams.

I invite you to learn more about Gather AI’s solution. Set up a demo with our sales team today.