What our drone inventory monitoring customers are saying

Inventory accuracy up by 70%

ROI less than one year

Found $1M worth of product

Count your inventory
15x faster

Warehouse drones fly autonomously
Scan up to 900 locations per hour
Scale by adding more drone when needed
View your inventory on your computer

Delivering Results


Barrett reallocated $250k in MHE and  6 cycle counters

ROI < 1 Year

Langham saw ROI in less than one year

5X Productivity

NFI increased productivity 5X with just one drone

Fire-fight missing
pallets with ease
Search for misplaced inventory in the dashboard
Fly put-away locations and find errors with no fire-drills
Fly related locations when a pallet is missing
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The average Gather AI customer has decreased inventory errors by 66%
No more pallet emergencies

“Went from 20-30 pallet emergencies per day to 1-2”

End your inventory
Review inventory exceptions found by the drone
Inspect pictures to verify exceptions
Fix your WMS
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“We are able to see what is good and what has gone bad in a matter of minutes.”

Improve your
customer experience
Improve on-time fulfillment
Decrease shrinkage
Improve warehouse utilization
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“Brands want to see new and interesting technology and how it can benefit them.”

Scott Hothem

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Gather AI in action?

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How warehouse drones are transforming inventory management

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