Food and beverage

Optimize your inventory control with real-time monitoring

Managing your inventory is complex so it’s important for your inventory data to be accurate. With Gather AI’s drone-powered inventory monitoring, feel confident about your inventory.

We help companies handling food and beverages

Enforce standard operating procedure, rotation and FIFO
Reduce spoilage and shrink
Easily manage recalls and reduce expedited shipments

Reduce shrink with accurate inventory

  • Save labor.  Monitor 900 pallet locations per hour, 15x faster than traditional means

  • See detailed inventory information including lot code, expiration date and more. Our solution reads the bar codes and text

  • Inventory pallets with multiple products as our solution can read multiple barcodes and multiple types of barcodes

  • Speed up inventory in coolers down to 32F/0C

  • Eliminate MHE used for cycle counting

We went from 6 cycle counters to 1 and saved $250k in MHE

Scott Hothem
Barrett Distribution

View pictures to monitor standard operating procedures from your desk.

Easily monitor and optimize your inventory SOPs

  • Find and fix inventory exceptions from the dashboard remotely

  • Search for product type, expiration date, lot codes and more in the dashboard

  • View inventory pictures to remotely monitor stacking norms, FIFO,  cleanliness and other SOPs

  • See the history of a pallet

  • Run drone missions based on supplier, product and other factors important to you

“The drone has helped us reduce a lot of spoilage.”

Nate Gosbin
Progressive Logistics

Increase warehouse utilization

  • Identify empties and use directed putaway

  • View a pallet occupancy estimation so you know where you have room to stack more

“High inventory accuracy means that we can ship on-time and accurately.”

Jesus Barrientos
‍‍Barrett Distribution

Turnkey Implementation

Gather AI's solution can be implemented in 3-6 weeks
  • No need to modify your warehouse

  • No need for power drops

  • Works in the dark, in very narrow aisles with no wifi

  • Reads multiple barcodes on a pallet and can work with multi-product bins

  • Flies on-demand from anywhere in the warehouse and finds goods within minutes

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