Case Study: Revolutionizing Inventory Management for a Shoe Retailer

Barrett Distribution, a 3PL, recently signed up a new customer that sells high-end sneakers and apparel. This customer contracted with Barrett to store 450,000 to 500,000 individually serialized and bagged shoe boxes in very narrow aisles. Each pair of sneakers was individually labeled and traditional inventory management methods were inadequate for ensuring accurate counts and efficient tracking. Our drone-powered solution enhanced Barrett’s inventory monitoring process, increasing operational efficiency and enabling them to serve this complex customer.

The Benefits of Drone-powered Inventory Monitoring

Enhanced Count Accuracy: The implementation of drones for inventory monitoring enabled Barrett to achieve exceptional count accuracy rates. With the capability to swiftly navigate through the warehouse and scan individual shoe boxes, drones eliminate the need for manual counting, significantly reducing human error. As a result, Barrett experienced count accuracy rates of 99.95% to 100% on a weekly basis, providing a precise understanding of their inventory levels.

Improved Operational Efficiency: By leveraging drone-powered inventory monitoring, Barrett increased the number of counts performed each week, 15% to 20%. This efficiency gain allowed warehouse personnel to focus on other value-added tasks, ultimately optimizing overall operational productivity.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The implementation of drone-powered inventory monitoring solutions positively impacted customer satisfaction for Barrett and their customer. With accurate inventory counts, the company could fulfill customer orders more efficiently, minimizing backorders and avoiding stockouts. This improved inventory visibility and reliability instilled confidence in Barrett’s new customer.

Summary of Results:

  • 15-20% increase in inventory counts with fewer people
  • Achieve 99.95-100% accuracy
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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