third party logistics

Delight your customers with best-in-class inventory management

As a 3PL, you are focused on what’s best for your customers. With Gather AI’s drone-powered inventory monitoring, improve inventory accuracy and exceed your service level agreements.

Watch how Barrett distribution deployED drones TO SERVE A CUSTOMER

We help 3PLs

Increase customer trust
Meet and exceed service levels
Generate more revenue

Build customer trust with accurate inventory management

  • Save labor.  Monitor 900 pallet locations per hour, 15x faster than traditional means

  • Get accurate and detailed information on what’s stored on your pallets as our solution reads the bar codes and text

  • Accurately inventory pallets with multiple label types

  • Inventory multiple products on a pallet, reading multiple barcodes

  • Eliminate MHE used for cycle counting

“We've seen improvements in inventory accuracy upwards of up to 70%.”

Jim Rapoza
Barrett Distribution

Exceed your service level agreements and add more services

  • Reduce misplaced pallets, improving fulfillment time and ensuring stock

  • Run supplier-based drone missions to generate reports on supplier inventory

  • Share pictures of inventory locations

  • Sell your customers increased counting frequency and on-demand inventory

  • Showcase your innovation

“We were able to win a large customer because of the drones”

Scott Swanson
Langham Logistics

Monitor and search your inventory from anywhere

  • Find and fix inventory exceptions from the web dashboard

  • Get live visibility into how your facility is run with inventory pictures

  • Search for missing LPNs directly from the dashboard

  • Centralize your inventory reconciliation labor for consistency and efficiency

  • Virtually review standard operating procedure (SOP) adherence from your desk

Share pictures with your customers of inventory locations from the dashboard

“The customers love it. They come in and see us flying and they know that their product is safe and secure.”

Jerri Radcliff
‍‍Progressive Logistics

Turnkey Implementation

Gather AI's solution can be implemented in 3-6 weeks
  • No need to modify your warehouse

  • No need for power drops

  • Works in the dark, in very narrow aisles with no wifi

  • Reads multiple barcodes on a pallet and can work with multi-product bins

  • Flies on-demand from anywhere in the warehouse and finds goods within minutes

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