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Improve your customer experience with real time inventory visibility

Reduce stock outs with real time inventory visibility in your warehouse. With Gather AI’s drone-powered inventory monitoring, make sure orders are fulfilled accurately

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We help brick and mortar, omnichannel and online retailers

Reduce stock-outs and lost sales
Create accurate forecasts
Reduce shrink and product damage

Reduce shrink throughout your supply chain

  • Counting more often with fewer people.  Monitor 900 pallet locations per hour, 15x faster than traditional means

  • Get more information on your inventory as our solution can read multiple types of bar codes and text

  • Inventory locations with multiple products as our solution can read multiple barcodes on a pallet

  • Eliminate MHE used for cycle counting

We went from 6 cycle counters to 1 and saved $250k in MHE

Scott Hothem
Barrett Distribution

Reduce stock outs with improved inventory accuracy

  • Find and fix inventory exceptions from the dashboard

  • Reduce short picks by fixing putaway errors as they occur

  • Reduce partial shipments and expediting fees by rapidly finding missing items

  • View, search, and sort product data to know what you have in stock

  • View pallet occupancy estimation so you know where you have room to stack more

  • Fly missions based on supplier, SKU and more to find missing inventory quickly

“We went from a 1.5% to 2% inventory shrink before and now it's like a fraction of a fraction percent.”

Steve Schweighofer
Stadium Goods

Enforce standards across your warehouses and distribution centers

  • View pallet location pictures and enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) remotely

  • View pictures of inventory and pallet history over time

  • Centralize your inventory reconciliation labor for consistency and efficiency

“We've seen improvements in inventory accuracy upwards of up to 70%.”

Jim Rapoza
Barrett Distribution

Turnkey Implementation

Gather AI's solution can be implemented in 3-6 weeks
  • No need to modify your warehouse

  • No need for power drops

  • Works in the dark, in very narrow aisles with no wifi

  • Reads multiple barcodes on a pallet and can work with multi-product bins

  • Flies on-demand from anywhere in the warehouse and finds goods within minutes

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